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Charleston Happenings Vol. 39

Jimmy Farrell
Sep 13 4 minutes read

Prophet Coffee To Open Shop Near Park Circle

If the definition of a coffee snob is never frequenting the Green Mermaid 'cause their product stinks...

If it means I ONLY go to locally-owned coffee shops like Brown Fox Coffee and Sightsee and Bad Bunnies Coffee (depending on what neighborhood I happen to be in) because the experience--coffee quality, expert & friendly staff, food offerings--is FAR superior to that ubiquitous purveyor of swill from Seattle...

Then I guess I'm a coffee snob. šŸ¤£

And I've got another new option opening in October near Park Circle in North Charleston.

BTW, check out our map profiling locally-owned coffee shops here.

Click HERE for more info.

Local Boutique Owner Dishes On Her Charleston Favorites

Mimi Striplin owns Tiny Tassel, a jewelry and accessories boutique on Spring Street in the Cannonborough neighborhood. While this "seasoned male" isn't exactly her target customer, I've walked past her storefront more than a few times and am drawn by the explosion of color I see inside.

Hers is a local business success story--she started online and opened her shop in March 2021.

She also has terrific taste in her local shops and restaurant recommendations. šŸ˜

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Seabird Inn Planned For Old Village

Get ready for the hand-wringing and NIMBYism on NextDoor!

The Seabird Inn, a 23-room inn with a small restaurant, was recently announced. It will be built at the corner of Hibben and Whilden streets in Old Village.

I think thoughtful development projects should be supported. All too often, though, the knee-jerk response to ANY new development--particularly in a neighborhood like Old Village--is to bloviate (love that word, BTW) about how it'll damage the tranquil quality of life enjoyed by its nearby citizens.

The team behind this development seems suited for this project. They're already vested in the community and delivered a project in the Post House that is universally lauded for its quality.

Click HERE for more info.

Principal Behind Migliori's Pizza To Open Larger Restaurant

There's a few food types that can generate "lively" discussions about who's the best. Pizza is one of them.

Migliori's Pizzeria in north Mount Pleasant generally gets very solid reviews. 

We'll soon see how they fare with a much larger space. The principal owner recently bought nearby land which will enable the pizzeria to triple in size.

Click HERE for more info.

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